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Will I be able to rent a property?

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We are both in our sixties. We have always owned our own mortgaged homes, but owing to circumstances now have to rent. My husband has always been freelance and our income usually comes from long term associations with various companies who pay his fees into our own small consultancy company. Over the last few three or four years we have had a lean time, and downsized to a much smaller home two years ago, When we did this, we had hoped to clear all our credit card debts, but as a promised long term contract did to materialise we have actually increased our debts and now owe approx £50K, and the outstanding mortgage of £125K.
My husband’s current income is approx £3K but this is due to increase on a long-term basis to £5K, together with a pension of £700, and my salary is £640 a month.
We would like to sell the house, so we could clear all the debts, and this would leave us with about £50K in the bank.
Obviously, given the circumstances, the last two years’ company accounts don’t look particularly promising, and though we have kept up the payments on all the credit cards, we have been late paying on a few occasions recently, which I suppose will affect our credit score. Wenhave always settled all our had a good income and settled all debts before this period hence the high amount of credit that has been granted. We have no debts of any kind against the company no other debts other than the credit cards.
We want to move back nearer London so my husband can continue to work. The salary he will now be earning will still be n a freelance basis. He is in excellent health and does not wish to retire for some years.
What I want to know is whether, given our situation, a landlord would rent to us? We would like to rent a nice home and are aware of the going rates and feel that we could afford £1000 – 1200 a month. What are our chances?

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