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with-held deposit.

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Hi, My ex landlord is STILL withholding my deposit from July this year. Initially it was on the grounds that housing benefits had not paid him, now they have paid him, and I know they have, he is still witholding my deposit.
How can I go about getting it back from him, without having to shell out for a small claims court fee on top? (I am skint btw!)
This landlord harassed, intimidated, texted, rang, knocked on the door whenever it suited him, begging for his rent despite him knowing I was on the “dole” and claiming Housing benefits. So therefore I am a tad scared to speak to him personally and ask for it back and I would like it back before Christmas Day!
Cheers Guys!

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Do you know which deposit scheme the money is registered with?


Hi, have you seen our help and advice articles on getting your deposit back? There are several articles worth a read.

In summary, since 2007, all landlords must protect a tenant’s deposit by putting it into a tenancy deposit scheme (TDS). Tenancy deposit schemes are run by independent organisations and ensure that your deposit is safe should the landlord encounter financial difficulty. That is, your landlord does not have access to your deposit money without your permission.

This also means you both need to agree any end of tenancy deductions. If you can’t agree then the deposit protection scheme used will have a dispute process (alternative dispute resolution process). The onus will be on the landlord to prove that any deductions are valid and that you were at fault for any claimed damage.

Contact the DPS directly. If you don’t know which scheme your landlord has used, then write to them (keeping a copy of you correspondence) and request it. If they have NOT used a scheme, they are breaking the law and can face a huge fine (if you paid your deposit after 2007).

Service provider

There are plenty of firms that will get a letter to your landlord immediately and for free of any up front costs. Search ‘deposit law’ or ‘is my deposit protected’ on google, plenty of firms to choose from.


Hi Hope you received your deposit back. Just to let you know you can now rate and review your property and landlord on asktenants.co.uk. Asktenants.co.uk is thetenantsvoice.co.uk partner website, tenants share their story so that other tenants can benefit from their experiences. 

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