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Won't fix bath for 6 days

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Multi million £ company housing assosiation won’t fix a broken plug hole in our bath until Tuesday which is 6 days away are they allowed to leave us without a working bath that long? I’ll mention also I think the plug wasn’t re sealed when they replaced the rotten floor that I’ll add took a year for them to sort after we moved in. I find it hard to believe they can leave us without means to wash for nearly a week any advice would be much appriciated thanks

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No possible action you can take will expedite the process. You can go to the council, but you’ll wait for quite more time than 6 days to get an inspection, etc. 

The best thing you can do is get one of those camping showers and use that for showering for the next week. 

OR agree to get a handyman in at your own cost and the HA will refund you the amount that it would have cost them. So, you only pay for the excess. 

These are your options, I think. 

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