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Years of overpaying rent by paying weekly not monthly.

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Hi, I an asking this on behalf of my elderly father. He has been living in the same private landlords properties for 50 odd years and in this current property for about 20. He has always paid his rent weekly. Years ago the landlord would come round for it but over recent years he’s been going into an estate agents and paying it weekly there. 

Just recently his mobility became worse and he “relented” and had allowed me to pay through online banking. I started passing monthly and honestly I’d only occurred to me then that he’s been over paying for a long time. I presume there was a point where the rent became a monthly amount. He has had letters from the estate agents over recent years regarding rent increases which has stated the rent as PCM.

There is also some issue with the massive rent increases coming from the landlord which has started since they tried to move my father from the property so they could sell it and my father went to see a solicitor who sent them a letter saying they could not make my father move. That’s a whole other pile of hassle though.

So what can we do with regards to the overpaid rent. My father mentioned it several months ago to the estate agents who said they would “look into it” unsurprisingly he had heard nothing else. I guess this most happen pretty regularly so wondered where he stands and what or next move should be.

Any advice gratefully received.

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Do you have receipts / bank transfer statements ? You’re surely entitled to your overpayment back, however, I’m most certain you can only fight for what you have records of. Everything else is probably lost.

The way to go about this is to start sending letters and making calls. Pressure the letting agency, send them copies of all your receipts and calculate exactly how much they owe you back. Then propose either a deduction from the next rent payment(s), or a simple refund of the excess amount.  

After the first letter, wait a few weeks and send another one. On your third one, threaten legal action. If they never cooperate, your last resort is a claim through the county court. However, consult a solicitor if you choose this option.


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