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Q: Can I stop paying the rent if my landlord will not do repairs?

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TTV never recommends that you stop paying the rent since your landlord could use this as a reason for seeking an eviction order.  Firstly you should write to your landlord requesting repairs, detailing what needs to be repaired.  If such repairs are urgent, causing you inconvenience or damage to your health or safety, and your landlord does not respond to your request you can contact your local Council for assistance in getting your landlord to carry out the repairs.  Your local authority can force your landlord to fulfil his responsibilities in carrying out the work so that the property is in good, habitable condition.

Bear in mind that all rent you may decide to withhold because of the outstanding repairs will have to be paid in full when your landlord has carried out the work.  If your landlord brings court action against you for non payment, you will then have to provide proof that all the outstanding money for rent is still available.