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Q: Does my landlord/letting agent have the right to show prospective tenants round my home before I move out?

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In the last 28 days of an assured shorthold tenancy, your landlord or their letting agent can only bring prospective tenants into your home if you have had 24 hours’ written notice, and agreed to a mutually suitable time for this to take place. Regardless of whether you have given or received notice, it is your responsibility to ensure the property is tidy and presentable for such inspections. Remember to put valuable and personal belongings away and inform the letting agent if do not want them to photograph the property while your belongings are in it.

Often times, tenants can feel that their privacy is being invaded, especially when there is more than one visit a day or numerous visits in a week. While you cannot prevent inspections, you are well within your rights to negotiate times and appointments that fit in with your own schedule. For example, it is reasonable not to allow inspections after a certain time if you have children and don’t want strangers in the house at dinner time or after bed time. Or, if you do shift work, you can specify that no inspections are to take place before a certain time in the morning. Weekends are popular for viewings so either make arrangements to get up early to avoid being caught in your pajamas or head out to do something nice for the day if you prefer not to be home during visits.