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Q: Hello there, My husband and I were meant to move into a property on 2nd April 2015, however we were told that there was an issue with the boiler (it did not pass the gas safety check and needed replacing) and we could not have access to he property until it was fixed as it was deemed unsafe. The letting agent had by this point allowed us to sign the tenancy agreement and had taken our first months rent and deposit. We thought it may take just a week to sort, however almost 3 weeks later the work still hasn't been completed and we still do not have access to the property. Not only has this been a huge inconvenience for us as we have had to find alternative accommodation for the time being, I am also heavily pregnant and this is causing no end of added stress. I have asked for reimbursement for the weeks we have not been allowed to live in the property and the landlady has said she has no legal obligation to pay us back as we signed the contract from 2nd April 2015. I am concerned that we were allowed to sign the contract and hand over our money when they knew full well the boiler did not pass the gas safety check and there wasn't a valid safety certificate upon signing. Do we have any legal rights to challenge this and try to get some form of compensation or money back? Kind regards, Sinead

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Sorry, We don't have an answer for the question right now. We will come up with an answer soon.