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Q: Hello, We were renting through a letting agent who were acting on behalf of the private landlord. This was an AST. We asked to be present during the inventory check out and they refused this and said it wasn't necessary. Is this legal? Should we not have the right to be there? They came back to us and asked us to clean it because it was dusty (ludicrous!) so we obliged politely. They didn't contact us again so a week after this I contacted them and they said they were trying to contact the landlord in regards to our deposit which is held by the DPS. I allowed them the weekend and all of yesterday and then phoned them to see why we hadn't heard. They said they still can't get hold of the landlord for 'permission to release the deposit' and think he might be on holiday. They said they couldn't do anything until they'd heard from him. Is this correct? What if he has gone away for several weeks? On top of this I asked for a copy of the inventory check out report for our records and they said they didn't give them out and we didn't need one as if anything else was wrong they'd have told us. Surely this isn't correct? Should they provide us with one? Is there a law about how quickly they have to get back to us by? As they are a big, well known letting agent we have sort of felt we have to accept what they've said but it doesn't seem right and is definitely rubbish customer service. Any help would be great thank you.

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