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Q: Hi , I had a tenancy agreement with a letting agency for a flat in London. When I moved in, I received the check in report and for the bedroom it just showed a list of contents ( bed, mattress, wardrobe etc...) with no particulars regarding their conditions. I have now an issue with the check out report . There is a stain on the underside of the mattress as per the check out report, when I moved in I did not turn the mattress to inspect both sides. There is no mention on the check in report that the person carrying the inspection did check both sides of the mattress as there is no specific comments as to the state of the mattress. No the agency is charging me £50 for the stain. Can I challenge them and the amount ? ( their first reply was that if no comment was made that is because the mattress was in good condition). Thank you for your help.

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