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Q: Hi I need some advice regarding my rights as a tenant. So I moved into this flat early January. It was advertised as bills included, the contract also states bills included. The contract also explicitly lists the bills i.e council tax gas electric internet etc. It is a six month tenancy which would then be rolling. It is run via a letting agent, but I asked to speak to the actual landlord prior to signing the tenancy. I am hoping to apply for a visa for my partner and for that I need to show suitable accomodation and a letter to state the landlord is happy to allow my husband to move in. The landlord said it wouldnt be a problem and theyd be happy to do so - I did not get this in writing as I should have. So once I'd moved in I couldnt get the internet to work. Spoke to the letting agent who called me back the next day. He basically said he'd made a mistake and the flat is not bills included. He also said they do not expect me to foot the entire cost, but if i could take on the council tax and internet and they would do the rest. After 6 months the contract would be amended to exclude bills. After thinking about it I sent him a message to say I'm happy to do so. In my mind, i didnt want anything to affect my ability to apply for my partner to join me here and thats why I agreed. Waited a few days, didnt get any response. So I messaged again to say I'm revoking my offer, you dont seem too unnerved by the situation seeing as youve made no attempt to contact me. I also said I would be happy to pay all bills after the 6 month period once the contract was changed. To which I got a reply straightaway. Went forwards and backwards a little but nothing came of it. The next day I got a message saying 'Hi I am sorry that we are unable to reach an agreement and so I have no choice but to serve notice for you to vacate at the end of the six months Also the tenancy is in your name only and so it will not be possible for your husband to live there as well without signing a new agreement in both your names before he moves in Tony'. I havent replied yet - I dont know what my next step should be. i dont really want to move out post the 6 month date, and to me the letting agents behaviour seems incredibly unreasonable given that its his mistake? Legally where do I stand with this? Also, because there was no internet and they were not being forthcoming I have now arranged for it myself and paying for it myself (even though it says it is included in the contract). I also have not been given a gas safety certificate or epc.

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