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Q: Hi my daughter is renting from Hunters Estate agents. They have recently put the property back up for sale (it was for sale before but they decided to rent it out ) they are now saying that the property is dirty ie dirty bathroom mirror. Holes in wall (from pictures of previous tenant. We do not have pictures up) carpets are dirty (although I would not say they were dirty they have cream carpets and the door leads straight into kitchen living room) the say it has a musty smell ( we detected this when we moved in they told us they thought previous owner had a dog) My daughter and partner have been most accommodating allowing viewings when this has been most in inconvenient as they both work. And showing prospective buyers around rather than the estate agent doing this. On several occasions the letting agent has not even informed them when a booking has been cancelled. They are making their first rental together a very unhappy experience. What can they do Hunters are being very rude and at points hostile. Many thanks

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