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Q: How can I tell if a landlord is going to be someone who is easy to get on with?

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There is no  guaranteed way of knowing if your landlord is going to be a good one, but there are one or two things that the landlord might do at the first meeting that will give you a good indication. They might for instance not be over fussy checking your credit standing if you have been at a previous rented accommodation for a substantial length of time, which will demonstrate trust. Or they will appear good natured and friendly and have a sense of humour. They might also explain how they approach being a landlord and tell you that they will call ahead of time if they need to inspect the property, thus indicating that they will respect your privacy.

Ultimately, the more upfront a landlord is about telling you how they operate as a landlord the better. Therefore, the less forthcoming they are the more you might be suspicious about their general attitude. Basically, any landlord who seems cagey and unwilling to engage with you, the less likely it is you will get on with them. While landlords aren’t there to be your friends, they should behave in such a way as to foster a sense of mutual respect so that you won’t feel at all threatened or intimidated by them.