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Q: I am leaving in a 2 bedroom flat with my Mrs, 10year old son and 15months old toddler . The initial tenancy contract was 6months but we continued to live in the property. The property and furniture is in good condition except for slight iron burns and mould on walls. This flat is costing me a fortune. I have never defaulted in my payments, there might be delays but I still make the necessary payments. Now, I want to move out of the property and I am fully away I have to give a month notice in advance but my problem is I have paid the rent for this month which am likely to be due for next rent on the 19th of January with means that I have to give the notice at the end of this months rent which is on the 18th but I can't afford the rent from 19th in case I want to give the notice. I still need to move out and I want my deposit. What do I do

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