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Q: I can’t get the letting agent to do a repair and would like to try getting my landlord to do it but I will have to ask the letting agent for my landlord’s name and address – should I?

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Yes. The letting agent might get on with the repair rather than have you ‘report’ them to your landlord. Some letting agents who are not TTV approved see landlords as their main customers, not the tenants.

Landlords who use letting agents often know very little about what is going on with their rentals, especially if they have numerous properties on the market. It might be for this reason that their name does not appear on the agreement or it has been overlooked by mistake, therefore it probably isn’t some sort of conspiracy or anything to be suspicious about.  Once you get in contact with the landlord you may find they will be fully supportive of you. However, TTV advises that you be sure to approach them politely rather than simply blaming them for your disagreement with the letting agent.