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Q: I have an email from my landlord stating that the rent will remain the same year on year, yet he's raised it each year for 4 years running. Do I have any recourse, maybe in small claims court?

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Depending on your tenancy, there are certain limitations to how your landlord can increase your rent.

For fixed term tenancies, landlords generally can’t increase rent without their tenant’s consent.

For periodic tenancies (which we believe yours is, considering it’s been running for four years so far), landlords can increase rent without their tenant’s consent. They have to renew your tenancy agreement each time they up the rent.

If you feel your rent increase has been unfair, you can appeal to the tribunal. The tribunal will rule if your claim has merit and can impose limitations to your landlord. You can use your landlord’s email as backing during your hearing.

Find more information in the government website on how to appeal –