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Q: I have just moved into rented accommodation and been told the gas appliances are in good working order, but I have not yet received a copy of the Gas Safety certificate. Should I be worried?

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You are right to be concerned. The landlord is legally obliged to ensure that the gas installation and appliances are safe for the tenant to use in any property they rent out.  They are supposed to give you a copy of the certificate before you sign the tenancy Agreement or within 28 days of you signing. If they still don’t provide one after 28 days, then you should contact the Health & Safety Executive and let them know – then let your landlord know you have contacted the H&E to report them. Landlords are required by law to carry out the gas safety check and if they don’t they may be fined by the court or even imprisoned. Non compliance with Gas Safety Regulations is a criminal offence.

If your landlord confesses that the the gas appliances haven’t been checked then you may want to consider moving out to stay with friends or family for your own safety, demand the landlord sorts it out and let the H&E know the landlord has been breaking the law.