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Q: I moved into a rented house in December. At the time they told me that all the carpets etc had been professionally cleaned. When we moved in the carpets stank of wet dog and when we moved the furniture there was dirt and rubbish underneath. There is a black damp patch on our kitchen ceiling caused by a bathroom leak prior to our move in that we were told would be fixed within a few weeks. It is now June and no one has come to repair it. We had a similar leak a few weeks after we moved in and rang them and they said a plumber would be out to us. Three days later my father came and repaired the leak for us. We are due an inspection every 3 months. On our first everything went smoothly. We were then due for one a few weeks ago and waited in all day for them as we wanted to discuss the ceiling. At 5 o clock I rang to ask where they were and I was told they had run into problems at other property's and would be there the week after. The week after we also waited in and no one came. When I rang I was told unless I had it in writing it isn't scheduled. We then received a letter for the next week. The inspector came spent a few minutes in the house (didn't even open the bathroom door) said someone would repair the ceiling and left.Last Thursday we then received a call saying that our landlord was looking to sell due to disputes with his wife (as far as we know our landlord is an old widowed man) and was it OK if a insurance surveyor came around the next day. If he decided to sell we didn't need to panic as he would see out our tenancy until December and if we found a place earlier could possibly let us leave at an earlier agreed date. We let the surveyor in and thought that would be the end of it. Today we have received a letter dated the same day as that phone call stating that our at our recent inspection the house was not to a suitable standard of clean and tidy. They would be reinspecting in two weeks time and suggested we hire professional cleaners (gave us a list of two recommendations). We have a 1 year old, 2 year old and 5 year old and I am 7 months pregnant and suffering with SPD (a hip complaint) which has lost me a significant amount of mobility. However when we moved in we did buy a carpet cleaner which we use at least monthly and whilst they may be toys of the odd crisp scattered about the place we keep the place in good repair. The day of the inspection (and the two they didn't turn up for) we made sure that even these were tidied away. So whilst I confess the place doesn't look like a show home it was tidy. My husband rang and asked what specifically was the problem because he wanted to ensure it was up to scratch next time and what was it we needed professional cleaners for and he was told he would be called back as soon as the inspector was off the phone but we didn't receive a call back. The agency knew that we had very young children when we moved in so we assumed they would know that it can not be perfectly tidy at all hours of the day, and the inspector didnt even spend enough time in the house to have checked. I feel like this is just a reason to possibly evict us and sell earlier than the year. What is considered to be unreasonable levels of mess? Your help and opinion with this case would be much appreciated.

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