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Q: While I'm grateful for repairs being done, they are very inconvenient. Am I entitled to compensation?

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When repairs are very disruptive or prevent you from using part of the property, you may be able to claim a reduction in your rent. This is called a ‘rent abatement’.

Usually, it is a matter of negotiating with your landlord, rather than claiming compensation as such.

If there are extensive repairs taking a week or more and you have to manage without certain rooms or water, then you should certainly approach your landlord or their letting agent for an abatement in your rent.

Depending on the inconvenience, 10-20% of the monthly rent is not usually too much to ask. In extreme cases where an issue such as damp has been detrimental to your health, you could reasonably ask for a 50% reduction in rent.

Be aware that any improvement work to the property may result in an increase in rent when your tenancy agreement is renewed.

If the landlord has taken a long time to get round to the job you should take steps to address the issue; see our relevant articles on repairs refused. You may be able to negotiate a free month of rent.