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Q: My local council have issued me with eviction notice.Ive been to court a number of times to suspend the eviction but also missed on a couple of occasions due to my mental health & anxiety issues which ment i had to re-apply to court for suspendtion.This is all because the housing thought i had someone living with me & not informed them but this was not true.My housing benifit kept being stopped due to mail being returned to them which is because my dog bit postman so i dont get post at my home & have a care of address so they didnt believe i lived there & getting housing benifit back up n running was harder than thought & maybe i could have done more to make that happen but with this stress my mental health has been at its worst.Im affraid to leave home alone thats why i didnt get to to go into my lical housing office.On my last court date the judge allowed my evictiin to go ahead & also told me i couldnt apply for it to be suspended & was told my only option was to appeal against the judges decission.Is this my ONLY option??There must be sonething else i can do to keep myself & children with a roof over our heads?Due to this my hair as started falling outtlike never before also ive started self harming.Ive let myself & my kids down & feel useles they would be better of without me.HAVE I ANYMORE OPTIONS???

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