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Q: Is my landlord allowed access to the property?

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In accordance with the Housing Act 1988, your landlord or letting agent must notify you in writing at least 24 hours beforehand if he or she wants to enter your home. Your Standard Tenancy Agreement will state that the landlord should ask, in writing, to visit only at “reasonable times of the day.”

This allows you to make sure the time suits you because:

– You may wish to be present during the visit
– You may want time to tidy up
– You may want to have a witness present if relations with your landlord are poor

If your landlord arrives unannounced, you are under no obligation to let him or her in. If it is not convenient, remember to be polite as you would be to any business associate or work colleague, and ask that the landlord makes a more convenient appointment. However, if it is convenient you may wish to grant access whilst telling your landlord that in the future you would prefer some notice.