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Q: What if my landlord or letting agent does nothing about the fire risks?

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TTV recommends sending a formal request, in writing, to your landlord.  This can be a letter or an email.  Use or adapt our template if you like, but you must include the date it is sent and keep a safe copy of it.  (It is really important that you keep accurate details of all correspondence with your landlord and letting agent.  You may be required at a later date to demonstrate that you are a good tenant who has met all your responsibilities.)

If your landlord still won’t act on your written request, then they are not meeting their legal obligations and should be reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  You may be worried about how your Landlord will react to this; will they evict me, will they increase my rent?  Don’t be afraid to insist that safety standards are met on the home you live in.  The legislation is there to support you and you must ensure that the rent you pay is for a safe home.

If you want to speak to someone about this issue, go to the HSE website for details. You can also read up on fire safety at home, including regulations for landlords, on the Government site Fire Kills.