Are you about to move? This guide is for YOU! As a tenant, you probably have thousands of pounds locked as a security deposit. It's time to get your money back. 

This guide has all the information you need to request your deposit and contact your tenancy deposit scheme, where the money is held. Use our template letters to negotiate any deductions that your landlord wants to make and properly communicate your points across. 

Moving out ? - Get Your Deposit Back - Sample Letters Included

What do you receive in the pack?

2 template letters ready to be sent to your landlord

How to get your deposit protected and claim compensation

There are two template letters you can use to request your deposit and negotiate any deposit deductions that your landlord proposes. Often landlords try to pin some of their costs on the tenant's deposit. While you certainly may be responsible for some of the work required, you may well be innocent. Grab our free guide and find out your rights and responsibilities regarding deposit deductions. 

If your landlord doesn't automatically return your deposit, you need to request it and remind them it's YOUR MONEY. If you enter a dispute with your landlord, this guide and the sample letters included will help you negotiate and defend your rights for a fair resolution.

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