Having problems with your boiler, heating or hot water, but can't get your landlord to do repairs ? Have you already wasted months trying to get your landlord to do something, but have ultimately made no progress ? This is for you ! Download our free guide about your rights and responsibilities regarding heating and hot water issues. There you will find all the information you need to get your complaint procedure in motion and ensure proper conditions are maintained in your rental. 

You will also receive fill-in template letters to send to your landlord or managing agent free with this pack. Use them in accordance with the guide to properly request repairs and communicate with your landlord.

Get Repairs To Your Heating And Hot Water - Sample Letters Included

Crash course on tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities in regards to the heating and hot water in your rented property. Actionable advice on how to communicate with your landlord; what should your expectations be and how fast can you move things forward. 

What do you receive in the pack ?

Read a sample

chapter from the book.

3 template letters ready to be sent to your landlord

"You get three ready to use template letters for requesting repairs from your landlord. Use them to ensure your official communication is on par and that your complaint procedure is successful in getting the council to inspect your property and order repairs done. 

If your landlord will not repair the heating or hot water, the Environmental Health Department at your local council will make and inspection to your home and ensure it's hazard free and fit for living. This includes having sufficient access to hot water and heating. "

A 4-step complaint procedure to get repairs done

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