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258 Lewisham High Street, Greater London, SE13 6JX View Map

Tel: 020 8613 9696

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Posted:  Samuel Martin 05 September 2017 Report abuse

I guess I should start at the beginning. I replaced one of four tenants part way through their contract. It took a long time to get a contract, they wanted me to pay my deposit and rent and fees before I'd see it. They would say "it will look something like this" and then provide a generic contract. The referencing process was arduous, a surprise given that the independent referencing company is anything but. The two companies share an office (my suspicion arose when the telephone numbers were remarkably similar. ) Emails supposedly from the independent referencing agency came from emails ending @LudlowThompson, they also shared the same signatures. When I delved into the companies on companies house they are linked. Sharing a number of directors (once you work through the various parent companies). I had hoped that getting through this would be the end of my problems.

When it came to the end of the tenancy I was shocked by how rude and unprofessional the agents were. No appointments were booked with the mandated 24hrs notice. We were shouted at for refusing appointments as no-one could be in for an appointment in less than 24hrs. The same misinformation that was peddled to us was peddled to prospective tenants and agents were not happy when I suggested that prospective tenants may want that checked and explained what happened to us. When I offered to accommodate a viewing and lend them my keys before the viewing so that they could get copies cut, I was 5 minutes late. They shouted at me and accused me of being deliberately obstructive. I had warned them that my work means I am sometimes a little later home and that I am not in control of that. I asked for a phone number in case I was running late and this was denied. I put myself out for this company and was verbally attacked in return. At every stage, my dealings with this company have been beyond poor. I am surprised they are still in business. If you are a landlord choose another company

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