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Abbotts Countrywide

60, Regent St, Cambridge, CB2 1DP View Map

Tel: 01223 258382

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Landlords, be aware
Posted:  lalala 09 July 2014 Report abuse

This agency fees were really cheap (we were charged £70 for reference checking and that 's all), but i know they had a nice payment from my landlord, and I KNOW that they don 't do the calls they say they do in order to check references. They said that in order to be references, I had to provide my boss phone #, but they NEVER called him. Of course they said to my landlord that everything was ok and they did the calls. hahaha


They were asked to make an inventory of the furniture and then i sent an email to them stating which things should be in the house and which ones should go. When we entered the house with the keys, there was NOTHING. The landlord was not aware about what he had to let in the house for us. They never let him know. The house was VERY dirty, the garden a disaster and we knew after a month from the landlord himself, that this agency had promised to us that the house was going to be painted completely and the price included a gardener WITHOUT landlord 's consentment. So we had to resign the gardener and the painting, cause our landlord was not able to do it. They are a disaster!

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