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Ainsworth Lord Estates Ltd

49, Market St, Torquay, BB3 1PS View Map

Tel: 01254 609981

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2 reviews posted
Worst lettings agent ever
Posted:   13 May 2014 Report abuse

Tenants do not use these agents,you will be treated with total contempt by this company.
They describe many tenants looking for accommodation as SCUM and treat ALL accordingly.

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Stay Away From Ainsworth Lord Estates
Posted:  johncarlton76 08 May 2014 Report abuse

Please do not get mislead by all the fancy marketing and false statements from Ainsworth Lord Estates.

They have no ethics,they have hidden charges and they do not return deposits to tenants.

There are plenty of long standing letting agents in Darwen that will give a better service and treat tenants like human beings rather than something they have stepped in!

Stay away from Ainsworth Lord at all cost!!

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