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Alan Estate

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I've never seen a rat greedier than Alan the Landlord
Posted:  m 03 March 2017 Report abuse

The only thing this person never failed to do is making up extra changes. And whatever a poxy little student like myself would say was never listened to - including the advice to fix the bloody boiler because the pressure according to the barometer was 0, which means it's leaky. No, not with this landlord - he went on and on and on complaining that I'm using up too much gas. Doesn't matter that there was none and that the drafty place was so cold that I once got cyanosis all over my hand (it just looked dead) and my arthritis changed from mild to severe. You could feel the draft standing in the middle of the room and the panes were rattling so much that I nearly went nuts.
A third of the huge deposit was held (which didn't come as a surprise) because of the urge to 'pay off the bills' all over again - more than £150 didn't come back because of gas an electricity, which WERE included in the bloody rent. The other £150 are for a new bed, and the problem with the old one was made up and looks more like wear-and-tear anyway.
The tenants are treated as if they just happened to be in the place and whatever the landlord is up to there it's none of their business. There were inspections in my room without my permission when I was away and I was shouted at for leaving my room door unlocked. When my flatmate was away the landlord's wife came into his room like nobody's business without letting anyone know.
Even if it was the end of the world and I had to choose between a 4x4 dugout and a place let by Alan estate, I would choose the dugout.
I hope this was helpful.

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