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Black Katz SE1

78 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LL View Map

Tel: 0207 403 5010

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Worst Letting Experience of my Life
Posted:  adrifting 09 May 2014 Report abuse

I 'm a bit nervous about doing this. I feel like I should, though. I 've never experienced anything so negative in a living situation. With all my past 7 letting agents and landlords, if something breaks, they fix it in 24-48 hours - or at least have someone out to look at it. Usually, though, maybe one thing breaks during the entire lease. In this flat, since moving in the following has broken and how long before they even sent someone to look at it (fixing it was usually 2-4 weeks after that first visit): oven (3 weeks), shower (4 weeks), window (4 weeks and 6 to fix it), door (never), locks (never), mould on large section of the wall covered by a bookcase and in closet (1 week and never). It is above a restaurant that is actually a club with a 3am license, but you can 't tell that from the signage. They knew and fail to warn me. That 's been a nightmare, as I work early everyday but Sunday. I had mice from the club downstairs and they just ignored my emails asking for help. I got the mice out of the flat by sealing all the unfinished holes in the wall, but they then lived in the walls and were so noisy. The worst was this raw sewage smell all year that came from the toilets (when clean) and pipes. The landlord 's response was just to flush the toiled. It was never looked at, despite possibly being dangerous. The workmen said the oven was dangerous and, despite knowing this, it took them 3 weeks to fix it. Finally, the agent was hugely unprofessional in how she communicated with me - she got really combative, insulting, and bullying - and she never took responsibility. There were even more problems, but I can 't remember them all. It was endless in just one year.

Now they are claiming a big chunk of my security deposit to redecorate (not based on any damage from me but just for kicks). I 'm just hoping I can get my security deposit back and move on, without ending up on some blacklist somewhere. Beware.

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