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Braemore Property Management

53 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6RS View Map

Tel: 0131 624 6666

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Posted:  Aidan Lucid 19 March 2015 Report abuse

Don not us these cowboys. I don't care if you have to sleep homeless for a week would be a better experience then dealing with this lot. Was looking for my deposit back. I left the house in good order. Deposit was £895. I guessing there might have been a few cleaning fees with all agencies, maybe £200. Just got word they are charging me £836.70. The house was very dirty when I moved in. All the items listed below were not cleaned. They also charged me for a shower curtain that I bought and wasn't even in the house before I moved in. If you give your deposit to this lot just say goodbye because its unlikely you will ever see it again. The walls in one room were covered in mold. I emailed them a number of times to get painter in. I ended up paying for it myself £100. One room had a sofa bed in it covered in mold. I paid the council to remove it and bought a new bed and wardrobe. Cost me £250. People like Braemore make me sick. DO NOT USE THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You will regret it!!!!!!!!

1.00 Mattress Steam Clean 26.00
4.00 Replace Light Bulbs X 4 16.00
1.00 Shower Curtain 20.00
1.00 Sofa Steam Clean 26.00
2.00 Chair covers 26.00
2.00 Curtains Washed 20.00
1.00 Extractor Hood 15.00
1.00 Oven / Hob Deep Clean 45.00
1.00 Fridge 12.00
1.00 Freezer 12.00
1.00 Washing Machine 12.00
1.00 Dishwasher 12.00
1.00 Microwave 5.00

Plus £139.45 VAT 697.25 Net

Proposed Amount to be Returned to You: £46.30

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