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Bushells (Clapham)

5 Clapham Common South Side, London, SW4 7AA View Map

Tel: 020 7627 8084

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Tried to put rent up by 10%
Posted:   17 October 2014 Report abuse

Bushells left maintenance and inventory to the landlord who was responsive albeit not particularly diligent with the latter, which meant we weren 't sure how easy it would be to get the whole deposit back (we did).

What really annoyed me about Bushells was when, near the end of year 1, they told us that the landlord wanted to put our rent up by what turned out to be 10%. That was far too much for us, and we didn 't want to move out because of the faff and cost of that.

I called the landlord and he said "oh, that was Bushells ' idea ". He agreed to reconsider if we went back to the letting agent with a counter offer. We suggested 3%, which was basically what inflation was running at, and they came back to say "are you taking the piss " or words to that effect.

We said, "ugh, okay, how about 4%? " They replied more or less immediately with, "the landlord will accept your offer ". Not great and not horrendous, but massively stressful.

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