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C P Papas Property Centre

79 Junction Road, Archway, N19 5QU View Map

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Aweful bordering on illegal
Posted:   16 March 2014 Report abuse

We rented a flat for a year from C P Papas-they are without a doubt the worst and most unprofessional agency I have ever had the misfortune to rent from.
The part in their contracts stating that the flat will be clean and liveable is a downright lie. Apart from the minimal amount of paint work using outdoor masonry paint that was left there, nothing was done. It took us several weeks to get it into a vaguely ok state (and we’re students, we didn’t want a lot!) At least the extra beds, evidence of a far greater amount of people living there than down on paper, had been removed before we moved in.
Amongst numerous other problems with the flat, the gas boiler and hob continuously failed to start, so basic living essentials such as cooking food and showering weren’t ever guaranteed. The front door lock repeatedly jammed, trapping us inside. Papas’ men never fixed the problem, and if there was ever a fire I wouldn’t have counted our chances. Our ‘fire escape’ was a glorified window 2 stories up followed by dropping down several times ending up on the overground lines. Even if the door had worked, the lack of a proper working fire alarm for 10 days might also have killed us. The few people we managed to get called out to look at problems were shocked by how old and bad everything was-the boiler itself was older than we are (and only held together by tape).
Being legal doesn’t seem to matter to them, for example one time a Papas agent let himself in with no warning and started taking photographs. It also took more than the legal fortnight to get our deposits back. In the two weeks after moving out Papas demanded bill and council documents they could easily have asked us for before. They also demanded the permission of 3 other tenants for the return of the deposit into the lead tenants account- forgetting that there were in fact 4 other tenants, and wasn’t even legally needed. 2 weeks after all this, we were lied to and told the full amount was in the post-only to find out the next day it wasn’t and they were taking an unspecified amount of it for two ridiculous reasons. They then proceeded to ignore us on the phone, and it was only after we sent an email explaining that they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on and threatening arbitration that they backed down very quickly.
We really needed somewhere to live but still I wish I’d just done a Google search before signing anything and seen the reviews (the credible ones that is). They could make a lot more money by actually treating their property and clients with respect and attention. I would never recommend C P Papas in a million years.

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