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Cambridge Relocations

24 Sherlock Road, Cambridge, CB3 0HR View Map

Tel: 01223 573595

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Posted:  lalala 09 July 2014 Report abuse

To be fair, I think is more a lack of experience than other issues, but this agent is really a disaster. They assured me they could get a pet friendly property for me at Cambs in a week (max 10 days), but sadly we had to pay more time in a BB until they finally made all arrangements, and the house was found by me, not them. I had to point them to the house AT ELY, not Cambs (where i feel really miserable, this town is dead). They didn 't managed at all the problems with Countrywide agency (the house was a disaster, the agent said the house would be painted and the monthly price included a gardener, which didn 't happened at all, etc etc). Thanks god my landlord is a nice person and we sorted out all problems between us. I would NOT recommend Natalie as relocation agent. Seems like she doesn 't really know how to do the job.

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