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Century Lettings Residential, Maidstone

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With nearly 15  years of experience, we have developed an extensive knowledge of the local property market enabling us to offer a wide-ranging service that is both as friendly and professional as befits our reputation. We are committed to providing all our customers with individual high quality advice based on the wealth of experience of our local dedicated teams. 

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Customer service until they get your signature
Posted:  Mark Pidduck 22 January 2015 Report abuse

This shower were falling over themselves to help as my family and I looked for a new home. Promised to get issues fixed, responded to phone calls and emails, called to see how we were. But upon signing the contract, none of the repairs were carried out. The carpets they promised to have professionally steam-cleaned yielded two dyson vacuum-cleaner loads of dust, mouldy woodwork remained un-painted, and all of a sudden our calls were a nuisance. We had to pay to get this done ourselves, but any suggestion that they pay for the service they promised is immediately met with passing the buck to such an extent that it would be comic if I weren't significantly out of pocket.
They visit regularly, but won't give you any say in the time they arrive, so you have to take a day off work or face their punitive 'wasted journey' fees of £50. £50? Do they pay their staff that rate per hour? I somehow doubt it. When they do visit, they umm and ah over any problems, then get the landlord in to carry out repairs. So the maintenance charges are for what, exactly? Then they arbitrarily demand a new tenancy agreement be signed, and charge you again for the privilege. I have no doubt that the problems I noted upon moving into the property will be blamed on us and the money taken from our deposit when we leave.
I suppose this is the mess you are left in when the property market is allowed to reach the appalling state it is in this country, but I strongly suggest that anybody considering renting with these charlatans look elsewhere.

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