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Chase Evans


Tel: 020 7510 8444

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Avoid Chase Evans
Posted: 09 July 2017 Report abuse

1 Hi All, My experience with Chase eavns Checkout was one of the worst events of my all tenancy stay in London. I stayed in a property managed by Chase Evans. The checkin process was good smooth and they took a fee of £270 for agreement creation etc. The flat whcih i moved in was good however it was not clean. The checking was done by Attic inventory. Stayed their for an year and my stay was pleasant. I kept the flat in a good shape and almost as it was handed over to me. I checked out of the and again the inventory checkout was carried out by attic inventory. 1. When it came to refund of my deposit the agency turned a blind eye. I have to do a several follow ups. Several calls and emails to their head office, normally no one answers your mail unless you give them the call. 2. After 3 weeks of follow up they proposed a proposal of deduction which cost me around £550 pounds. 3. With negotiation final deductions came out to be £420 pounds. 4. Point to note is how they deduct, in tenancy agreement they have a clause Tenancy Agreement Clause 2.xx To co-operate in the checking out of the Inventory and or Schedule of Condition and to pay the costs involved in the check out. This means you have to pay for the checkout process, which is close to £132. 5. They deducted £30 for the sticky stain on the surface beneath sofa cushion (that sofa had a FFR fire label seen, In use, shaded, not clean below seat cushions when checked in) , They deducted £30 for Heavy yellow staining to 1 shelf cupboard RHS on entry which will be there after a year of use , they deducted £40 for Circular stains to RHS of sink comp , who can give you a spotless sink after a year use , and other deductions of £10, £20 etc for loose door handle , some scuff marks in bathroom , etc 6. In my case they didn't took anything on the name of cleaning (which in normal scenerio is something between 100-150 pounds) as i cleaned the flat throughly and took pics during check outs. 7. I got my deposit back after 5 weeks. Good about chase evans is 1. Normally their flats are good. 2. Chekin process is smooth. 3. In my case the lady who helped me in checkout was polite and was willing to negotiate , she took my points and re-adjusted the initial proposal , however i still say i have to follow her up. I agreed to whatever deduction proposed as i was in great need of money and i didn't wanted any conflict. Moral of the story : Be aware of Chase evans, read the agreement throughly, while cheking in report any non-functional electric switches ASAP. Avoid them unless you are in love with the flat. Thanks for reading this and good luck in your propeerty search.

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Posted:  k l 16 January 2014 Report abuse

The whole team at Chase Evans is lazy and unresponsive. From the letting process to the retrieval of the deposit, every single person I dealt with was awful. This agency uses an inventory company that does a BARE check in report and then literally marks down every single mark in the check out. It is fraud. They take forever to respond to emails. They don't return calls. We had a leak from a unit above us once and the emergency number never did anything. We never even heard from the main office until we went in ourselves to make sure things were ok. They are just simply awful and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. Avoid Shahid- lettings. He is useless.

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