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Maitland Building, Craibstone Estate, Bucksburn, Aberdeen, AB21 9TR View Map

Tel: 01224 715 720

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Posted:  Mike Hammond 20 March 2017 Report abuse

They appear very professional but they are all about setting a trail of emails to blame you for anything hey can to retain your deposit. At the inspection the letting agent had 4 attempts at photographing one pot that was clean to try and get a pic of a smear, even held it up to the light at different angles. Also suggested I get a toothbrush and bleach to clean the grout out of the tiles. It was a small studio and had been cleaned and then professionally cleaned. If you rent with them say goodbye to your deposit as the final inspection is like a CSI episode, they will catch you on something. The letting agent is Forbes Letting who are acting on behalf of Dandara. It made living there an unpleasant and nerve racking experience. If you want to relax I would not recommend this one.

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Posted:  Mike Hammond 20 March 2017 Report abuse
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