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David Seymour

89 Stoke Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1LR View Map

Tel: 02392 586611

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A tenants nightmare.
Posted:  Mandy Irvine 11 January 2014 Report abuse

In August 2012 I was made homeless due to a domestic violent relationship.
The local council had placed me into a RAPS property (Rented Accomodation Private Sector) from a local landlord who owns several properties.
The property is a converted pub (ground floor flat with a flat above and a 2 bedroom house to the side that all shares the same back yard).
The agreement was handled through David Seymours of Gosport.
The inventory I was handed (without the agent going through it with me) was inaccurate with old photos and information.
For example, there was damage to the side of the bath that although on the photograph in the inventory was not mentioned on the list.
The walls were painted a different colour to what was stated.
After sending in my amended inventory and asking for a signed copy for my records, my real issues began with them.
The hot water cistern leaked within the first week. I called them, the landlord came out two days later and removed the lagging. Nothing was heard from him again for nearly a month even though the agents had been contacted.
During Christmas 2012 the heating broke down. It took me 6 months of calls and emails to the agents to get something done, that was only after I had requested a visit from the council.
The sewarge leaked outside my back door that stepped out to the back yard and I reported the problem immediately.
After 3 days of complaining the landlord cleared the drains.
A week later I was sent a letter to say that I was responsible for the drainage outside even though it is shared drainage for the other properties.
Their lack of communication when an emergency (no hot water, heating or sewarge problem) is extremely poor with no request for tenant feedback or customer service.
The visits I have received to see if I have looked after the property and to answer any questions has always been by the same person, but my reports of no heating, dry rot, damp have not been answered or resolved.
My last visit from the agent took no more than 5 minutes. She was more concerned about where I got my large cooking pot from than answering my questions.
Overall their service is poor, lacks empathy and understanding or commitment to the tenant.

I would not recommend this agent for any letting service either as a landlord or tenant.

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