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DJ Alexander

24, Dundas St, Edinburgh, EH3 6JN View Map

Tel: 0131 558 3000

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Worst letting agency
Posted:  Elina 23 January 2017 Report abuse

Most unreliable agency ever!
I have been renting for over 5 years and I can say that DJ Alexander is the worst letting agency I have dealt with.

Our contract stated that in case we wanted to leave we should give 1 months written notice to the landlord which we did when we decided to move to a new flat. However, DJ Alexander claimed that the notice should only be given on the exact date that the monthly contract gets renewed and for this reason we would have to pay 1 more month given that we handed in our notice post that date. We took our contract to the Citizens advice bureau and the assured us that they is no clause in our contract saying that the notice should be handed in on a specific date.

Although we told the agency that this is not included in our contract they still blackmail us that if they don't find new tenants we will have to pay for an extra month which is a joke!!!

They have now started advertising our flat without any effort whatsoever, as they haven't added any photos to the ad to make the ad more appealing. DO NOT LET WITH THEM!

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Avoid at all costs.
Posted:  Mhairi 24 February 2015 Report abuse

I genuinely cannot rate higher than a 1 for any of those categories, they fail on every single one. Absolutely horrendous from start to finish. Our entry date was delayed and delayed and delayed, only when I went into the office in tears were we allowed to move in while works were still being carried out, the flat had never been cleaned from the previous tenants or the building works, and never was. A man walked into my bedroom while I was asleep to take an inventory on which he then included many of my belongings which 6 months later is still in dispute. We had endless problems trying to get anyone to speak to us or complete repairs. We were met with rude replies when eventually someone did respond. We were charged council tax for time we were not in the property because the council take their word over a lease in black and white. At the checkout I was asked to explain why I'd taken my own belongings with me even after months of dispute over the incorrect inventory. After all the hassle and stress they now want to take £240 from our deposit for a few small marks on a wall, but they won't charge us for cleaning..... as though that's a favour, it wasn't cleaned when we moved in and we cleaned it on our way out, cleaning wasn't even mentioned at the checkout. I'm not sure how to convey in a short message just how absolutely horrendous the whole experience has been and still is proving to be. Over a decade of renting experience of many properties in Edinburgh and I've never experienced anything like this.

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