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Eadon Lockwood & Riddle

209 Oakbrook Road, Sheffield, S11 7EB View Map

Tel: 0114 268 9900


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Negligent at checking out tennant
Posted:  Clare turnbull 22 May 2015 Report abuse

After 3 years of paying commisions to ELR, they were unfortunately negligent with the checking out of my last tennant. Returned from abroad to try to sell property with them to my shock found house full of last tennants rubbish including a mouldy saucepan of food on the hob and back patio also filled with her rubbish. Also back door key lost and unpaid utility bills unresolved to this day. Solution they suggested was go get one of their office staff to go out and put some things in the wheelie bin- it would fill 3 ! Needs a professional cleaner to do the job! Didn't seem to want to take responsibility for their negligence and the fact that no-one physically went to check the property before giving the tennant her deposit back. Communication slow and inconsistent always coming from different employees. Very disappointing and still waiting for a resolution for the issue. Have lost faith in their ability to sell the property.

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