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Fife Letting Service Ltd

3, School St, Cowdenbeath, KY4 8LT View Map

Tel: 01383 515830

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Absolutely brilliant!
Posted:  Sheena-AnnBrown 12 January 2014 Report abuse

After experiencing some pretty dodgy landlords down south (Blackpool), it was an absolute poleasure to deal with Fife Letting Service, Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland (both this one and the one in Dunfermline - because if you couldnt reach one you simply dialled the other number and got them!). In the first week they had replaced bad windows and rather than repairing a washing machine I was surprised to find a brand new one delivered and plumbed in within two days of my problems. They gave me free range to decorate and although inspections were supposed to be every month, after the first two they dropped it to once every three months or so. There was always trust on both sides and after a while we were all on first name terms. I left a worktop for the woman who viewed the flat and said she was definately moving in ater we left, but she didnt take the flat...and they let me back into the flat to retrieve it a good month after we moved out! the only reason we moved out was because my husband is severely disabled and we were offered an adapted council flat! If it hadnt been for that, we'd have settled there!

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