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Foxtons (Muswell Hill)

222 Muswell Hill Broadway, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3SH View Map

Tel: 02088 294040

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I will never rent from Foxtons again
Posted:   03 January 2014 Report abuse

In my opinion Foxtons are expensive, unprofessional and have little to no concern for tenants.

We had numerous problems and Foxtons were unhelpful and unconcerned.

I was so unhappy I started The Tenants' Voice as a response to my poor experiences.

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Cranley Gardens dud
Posted:  Justine 03 January 2014 Report abuse

We viewed several properties with an inexperienced agent who had little knowledge of the flats/houses shown or the local area. A huge "checking in" fee was charged when we found a property we liked and we were informed that the landlady managed the property herself. We were not given an inventory and naïvely had never heard of one before, otherwise we would have noted the following points on it before signing the lease and legal documents. The boiler failed as soon as we moved in but was replaced as soon as possible, however we suffered 5 days without hot water and no reduction in rent in the middle of winter. The bricks around the patio wall were loose and dangerous - when we asked for them to be repaired, we were merely told to keep our 3 y.o. off them. The shed was a mess, the back garden was littered with debris including a Christmas tree and Foxtons sign. The patio doors did not lock/unlock effectively but were not fixed on request; consequently a pane of glass broke when a strong wind forced them open (payment for which was taken out of our deposit because we failed to report this in writing). Later we suffered a leaking pipe in the dining room ceiling. We finally decided to contact Foxtons after months of fungus growing on the ceiling, an exploratory hole in the bathroom floor and the introduction of a mice chewing our furniture. Their response was, "What do you want us to do about it?" We decided to stop giving our hard earned money to this landlady and her representatives but despite explicit instructions that we wanted to be present at the checking out inventory, it was completed without us. Furthermore, the landlady began repairs (most of which we requested throughout our tenancy and put up with while paying full rent) while we still had keys to the property and had not officially moved out. Of course we had to pay Foxtons an extortionate "checking out" fee because it was in the fine print of our contract. We learned many valuable lessons from this experience - and as a result The Tenants' Voice was created.

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