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haart Estate Agents

2-6, High St, Ruislip, HA4 7AR View Map

Tel: 01895 674111

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haart is the worst letting agency
Posted:  DS 26 September 2015 Report abuse

Our expirence with haart letting agency, which is a part of Spicehaart estate agency group, and especially their Property management division, has been a nightmare. A whole book could be written about all issues with haart Property management. They have been unhelpful and uncaring from the very beginning, but our urgent need to find a flat to live in was stronger, so despite the initial problems, we decided to sign a contract with them. The state of the property we moved in was terrible. Mould, leaks, non functional equipment, problems with water supply, you name it, we had it. Did haart care? Absolutely not. It took them 2 weeks to fix the most critical things that are required to be even able to live in the flat. It took them 7 weeks to somehow fix the other things. This means 7 weeks before one could have a normal shower in the rented flat. Their complaint chain failed. They did not feel responsible for anything and thus refused to compensate us. I could go on and on.

As for my rating, I initially placed 2 stars for Availability and 3 stars for Deposit payment and return process, but somehow this made the 2 star overall rating, which is not appropriate, so I had to change those to 1 star only too, because the overall is Terrible.

Avoid haart at all cost!

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