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Interlet Residential

14 Mundy Place, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4BZ View Map

Tel: 02920 400000

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Posted: 27 April 2017 Report abuse

I used this letting agent to attempt to rent a house with some girls for my third year, what happened was a complete and utter nightmare!
The first time we went to view houses we saw 3 houses that we really liked, so I spoke to Zaid (who is the 'boss' of the company) about changing a clause in the letting agreement, the clause that I wanted to change essentially means that in a house of 5 girls if one of us doesn’t pay our rent then the letting agency will ask the remaining 4 girls to pay and if we can’t (because we’re poor students) then the guarantors all have to pay! After speaking to my parents they decided that they wouldn’t sign the guarantor form unless I could change the agreement (other agencies will change it if you ask!!!) to ensure that my parents weren't liable (as guarantors) for everyone else's rent! Zaid agreed (after talking to his boss who doesn’t actually exist, we later found out!) and so I put the agency fees down to secure the property.
A day before we were supposed to pay the deposit I had a phone call retracting his agreement to change the letting agreement but stated that I could still take the property if I wanted! I didn’t want to! So, I entered an argument with the letting agency and we, eventually, came to another agreement that still altered the letting agreement IF my parents agreed to pay my rent up front and (although it wasn’t the first agreement) I thought that everything was sorted...IT WAS NOT!!!
10 minutes before myself, and all of my friends, were supposed to put down our deposit I had another phone call retracting the last agreement! This time, however, he tried to bully me and my friends into putting the money down because 'we were never going to find a place' because it was too late in the term (February) and we were never going to find a deal as good as his!
At this point my father and the parents of the 4 other girls rang up the company and his response was basically ‘if she is the only one with the problem then kick her out and you can still have the house’… he gave them 24 hours to make a decision on kicking me out of the house!
In the end a house of 5 girls has ended up with a very awkward end of second year and a house of 3 and a house of 2 for our final year! The company has refused to give the money that we paid to secure the property, back to us meaning that my father has given the money back to the girls instead!
This company is one of the most horrendous and unprofessional letting agencies I have ever had the displeasure of going to! The ‘boss’ has lied about the fact that he is the only shareholder of the company stating that he had to talk to ‘his boss’ that frankly doesn’t exist, and about the fact that he actually owns most of the properties in his letting agency which means that the letting agency fees are actually money to rent his own houses on top of the extortionate rent! On top of this, other friends of mine are renting with this company and have already paid their summer rent in April for July and August because he said that he wouldn’t rent to them otherwise!
Not only is he a liar, he is a bully and I implore you to avoid Interlet at all costs!!!!

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