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Jackson & Co Property Services

Suite 41, Weston Business Centre, Hawkins Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JX View Map

Tel: 01206 266714

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One of the most rude companies I've ever had to deal with
Posted:  Mohammed 20 June 2016 Report abuse

I rented from Jackson and Co for a year. My dealings with this company varied. Initially, they were very kind and helpful, but then once you've paid them, they become different. The managing director of the company is EXTREMELY rude; once on the phone, he told me to shut up because I interrupted him while speaking. The person who comes for the inspections is also extremely uncooperative, she enters the apartment even before we open the door, and has never been polite to my flatmate or myself. I would not recommend this company whatsoever. However, they're one of the only choices in the area, and manage most of the properties.

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