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Kessel Laird Ltd

348, Church St, Blackpool, FY1 3QJ View Map

Tel: 01253 300782

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Posted:   08 January 2014 Report abuse

we would advise anyone to never ever rent of these people ever again.they act like robots with no emotion of kindness.
all they care about is extorting fees from you and once they have that your on your own..
they never follow up with repairs..
they are kind and caring at first but once you sign on the dotted line it all changes...
they made us homeless on day of moving in by making us sit in our for over 2 hours with most of our belongings all becoz of our deposit was still in the rent deposit scheme and we didnt know how it worked.
my fella had to arrange a loan of his dad in the car whilst our bond came through.
they then forced my fella to sing over all our bond from previous place to him so that they got it through there bank and we never saw it...
we have since refused to pay the extra fees we owe on principal of the fact no repairs have been done..the flat is in terrible dis repair and they dont care.
i would never ever recommend these to anyone and you would be fools if you did/

they will rip you off clean you out of your money and bond and then leave you homeless.
we sold all our belongings we had to come up with the rest of the charges and then they made up some more charges...
we are left with nothing but pain and stress..

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