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L4A Residential Lettings

10 Manchester Road, Denton, Manchester, M34 3EL View Map

Tel: 0161 336 1860

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Posted:  james 05 November 2015 Report abuse

Please PLEASE avoid if you can. First off I want to say I have rented with a few different agents over the years, some small like L4A and some big like Reeds Rains, but L4A are the worst by a long way.
To be fair the apartment although dirty was as advertised and was a reasonable price as far as renting goes. However the staff are extremely condescending once you are in the property, ignore your emails and 'send' you letters that never turn up.
Now when you come to sign up you have to pay the admin fee of around £250 ish as I remember, this is an incredible amount but not that uncommon ( I have paid between £100 and £350 for these admin fees over the years with different agents). Its when you come to leave that the fun really begins. First you ring up and tell them you are giving notice, they say put it in writing, so you email it to them but they never respond, you email again but still no acknowledgement of the notice given being accepted. I then had to ring up and apparently they are having trouble with their email system. bullsh*t. Then they hit you with more never before mentioned fees, (check the small print) £50 to do a move out inspection! £30 final admin fee! and do you want a reference for your new agent/mortgage company? £30 to make that 2min phone call. No company I have ever rented with has ever charged for any of these.

want your deposit back?? good luck.
3 light bulbs were out when I left, replacement bulbs were bought and left at the property but as I had packed and moved everything I had nothing to stand on (short arse) so couldn't reach to replace. charged £15
Cleaning £80 bill. I asked for this to be itemised so I could see what I was being charged for, they refused twice. The bill just said oven/hood, all carpets and 'various items'. long story short, in their move out inspection they say oven/hood, all carpets, window sills need cleaning. however I remind them that these were unclean when I moved in and I had emailed them and told them about this during my move in inspection. They come back with 'eeer ok but actually we are not charging you for them its other bits so still £80'
In the grand scheme of things £80 isn't a large amount of money but its about principal now. So its left with the DPS to adjudge what I should pay. I don't hold out much hope but you never know.

The female staff are rude and condescending, this is a small time company and acts in that manner. If you can avoid using these people then please do.

btw I am not a complainer, I have never complained about a person/company/customer service in my life but these have taken the pi**.


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