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Neil Douglas

8 Kingsbury Square, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 2HT View Map

Tel: 01296 768395

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Avoid this company at all costs.
Posted:  Nick Ennis 02 February 2017 Report abuse

I am the owner of an apartment in a block Neil Douglas manage & in September 2016 I had a hidden leak at my property. I rented my property & my tenant was away at the time. Neil Douglas were made aware of the leak by the property below which suffered water damage but they failed to notify myself or my tenant about the leak for 8 days, resulting in over £3000 of damage. No attempt to contact us was made.

When the leak was finally assessed & fixed they accused my tenant & myself of ignoring the problem & poor maintenance. Neither was true or accurate.

Rather than help solve the problem they had a hand in creating they chose to incorrectly point the finger of blame & accuse.

They were rude & showed zero customer service. When I raised the issue with their managing director Neil Kurz, he backed the action of his staff, delivered further terrible customer service & refused to apologise for their error & their lack of customer service.


Neil Douglas showed themselves to be incompetent with no regard for customer service or satisfaction.

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