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Northwood (Cornwall) Ltd

4 Princes Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2ES View Map

Tel: 01872 262262

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Worst experience ever as a tenant !
Posted:  Seb Mason 08 September 2016 Report abuse

I have had the worst experience ever as a tenant in a fully managed property with Northwood Truro. The are trully unflexible unreliable and unprofessional. I would advise anyone to stay away from this agent. You need to know that for exemple that they will not walk you round the house for check in or explain anything about the house, that they will inspect your house every 3 months, that they will take pictures of all your belongings each time (even if nothing is of concern), they will decide on what day they are coming out for inspection without prior appointment taken and no flexibilty given. Best of all, they don't turn up on the day! We have had terrible rising damp issues at the property and our belongings have been ruined by mould! My health has deteriorated badly this leaving there as well. But the situation is quite bad but it seems to be normal to Northwood who isn't willing to do anything for it. There is a massive gap at the link between our wall and our roof (ciment work have crumbled), giving access to any sort of bugs and pest/birds in our loft space + problems of insulation and noise with strong wind. This has been seen by a profesionnal builder (the one sent by Northwood) who has confirmed the gap is big enough to fit a pigeon and should be dealt with but when he reported the problem to Northwood they have simply dissmissed it and told him not to repair. The council even sent the landlord/agent a letter advising the issue to get fixed.... nothing has been done and according to Northwood this is a normal feature of the property! In our experience we found that if you need to call them for anything maintenance-wise they will take it as a joke and won't hesistate to lie to you and try to get away from the issue. for exemple : heater out of order " it's because it has got cold outside ", boiler out of order " it's beacuse we are not familliar with the system "... If you decide to rent with them, well, all I can say is good luck !

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