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Paul Simon Lettings & Management

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Best Avoided
Posted:  Best Avoided 23 February 2017 Report abuse

This agency will go out of their way to ensure they make the most amount of money out of you for the least amount of work on their part. Maintenance issues were reported and routinely ignored. Avoid at all costs.

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Avoid letting from Paul Simons like the plague
Posted:  FedUp 15 August 2014 Report abuse

This agency is terrible with lettings if you are looking to rent a place then avoid this agency like the plague!! The way they treat their tenants is disgusting. They will treat you as the lowest of the low and expect you to always be in the vulnerable position. If you have any other choice I strongly advise you to not rent a place with this agency.

When we first moved in the place was filthy even though they told us it would be professionally cleaned. The boiler was also broken and when I rang up to tell them they spoke to me with an accusatory tone suggesting that the boiler just needed to be switched on and I was stupid for not figuring it out. They seemed reluctant to send anyone because it would cost the landlord £50 (we had no hot water!!!). When they finally did decide to send someone (after all the interrogations) it was discovered that there was a burst pipe in the basement.

Once you have moved in do not expect anything that is broken to be fixed for at least months ahead. We had an issue with a broken facility that was reported at the beginning of the tenancy and it was not fixed for nine months. The only reason it was is because I had to call up everyday for a week to inquire about it. When you do ring up to inquire about broken fixtures (or anything for that matter) they will talk to you like dirt and couldn 't care less. They are terrible at replying to your emails, expect to wait for at least a week. If you decide to ring up to ask about anything they will sound fed up.

To sum up, if you want to be treated and made to feel like a delinquent throughout your tenancy then let through this agency.

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