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Place2Let Ltd

117 Highfield Road, South Shore, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 2JE View Map

Tel: 01253 408444

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Arrogant, Rude and innacurate descriptor
Posted:  Sheena-AnnBrown 12 January 2014 Report abuse

First of all we were shown round without any lights on in the flat - apparently the old tenant had removed them all!! It was really modern flat and we were assured on the actaul descriptor that all the white goods were brand new. The dishwasher didnt work when we moved in and they said if we wanted one we should buy one, until I said that it was in teh descriptor. they then delivered one that was far too wide and told us we had to make do until I pointed out that the 'stick out' was obstructing my ability to walk safely round the room - they then replced it - no dishwasher first three months! The blinds when rooled down were covered in nicotine and rotting and we replaced them at our own cost! We also did a thorough professional clean of the flat. We'd been warned that nobody ever left the flats and got a full deposit back by present and past tenants so we cleaned it again and took photos and videos and finally, after providing a link to a website where we had posted photos, we got our full deposit returned! The manageress was extrememly rude and arrogant and when we stated legalities to her she went into a huff and swore down the phone to me at one point!! (most of the staff were okay but they all looked like they were fresh out of school!) We looked for another home after that - I dont take that rubbish from anyone! Would NEVER recommend them. Full of promises and non-delivery!

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