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Reeds Rains Estate Agents

24, Beastfair, Pontefract, WF8 1AW View Map

Tel: 01977 701891

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Stay away!
Posted:  Philippa 11 January 2014 Report abuse

I would really think very carefully about using these people. First the charges. Remember that we are in the North of England, the charges were well in excess of £200. The man that showed us around admitted that the costs were outrageous and based on London prices!!!!
However, the one that really sticks in the throat is the £120 renewal fee. Yeap you read it every year you have to pay £120. For this amount of money you get a photocopied copy of a contract that is exactly the same as the last one. The only thing that changes in the dates. We questioned this and got no reply. We even offered to photocopy it for them!
Worst still is that the cost us another 120 pounds. We need a parking permit to park in our area. We asked repeatly if we need another one for car number two. They said no just park in a visitor spot and you won 't get a parking ticket. So we did that and got two tickets. It is only when we complained that they looked in the file and guess what it easy sitting there in the front.
Oh and last thing...when they do the inspections you have to remind them not to go through your cupboards and wardrobes.

So to sum up ; if you want an expensive, inefficient company that does not know their properties and will invade your personal space...then these are the people for you. We are not expecting our deposit back.

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